Louisiana District Local License Training

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The 16 sessions in this course will aid you in preparing for Local Licensure in the UPCI.

Sessions Speakers

A Passion for Ministry – Anthony Mangun

Biblical Introduction – Danny Johnson

Christian Living – T.F. Tenney

Doctrine of God – David Norris

Doctrine of Jesus Christ – David K. Bernard

Doctrine of Salvation – Dan Seagraves

Finding Your Place in the Ministry – Brian Kinsey

Growing A Ministry – Terry Shock

My Obligation to my Organization – Jerry Jones

A Minister’s Personal Life – Jerry Dean

A Minister’s Finances – Aubrey Jayroe

Success in the Ministry – Stan Gleason

Revival in the Latino Community – Sergio Vitanza

A Second Man Concept – Terry Shock

The UPCI Vision – David Bernaard

UPCI Around the World – Bruce Howell