Supplemental Local License Training

UPCI Supplemental Licensing and Ordination Courses



The 16 sessions in this course will aid you in preparing for Local Licensure in the UPCI.

Sessions Speakers
A Passion for Ministry Anthony Mangun
Biblical Introduction Danny Johnson
Christian Living T.F. Tenney
Doctrine of God David Norris
Doctrine of Jesus Christ David K. Bernard
Doctrine of Salvation Dan Seagraves
Finding Your Place in the Ministry Brian Kinsey
Growing A Ministry Terry Shock
My Obligation to my Organization Jerry Jones
A Minister’s Personal Life Jerry Dean
A Minister’s Finances Aubrey Jayroe
Success in the Ministry Stan Gleason
Revival in the Latino Community Sergio Vitanza
A Second Man Concept Terry Shock
The UPCI Vision David Bernaard
UPCI Around the World Bruce Howell