A Culture of Generosity Masterclass

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Don’t miss this amazing opportunity presented by Ministry Central and Bro. Stan Gleason based on his new book A Culture of Generosity. Have you ever struggled with how to effectively take up an offering? If so, you are not alone. Let’s be honest, talking about money in church can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this installment of Ministry Central Masterclass, Stan Gleason will give leaders and pastors invaluable information on how to facilitate that stewardship conversation. He will pull from his thirty years of pastoral experience and give you tools that you can use every Sunday. Through this Masterclass, you will develop confidence and skill in preparing offering messages, and with the application of these principles, can create a culture of generosity in your local church.


Descriptions for the Culture of Generosity 10-Video course by Bro. Stan Gleason

  1. Creating A Culture of Giving
  2. Don’t Throw the Offering Away
  3. Givers or Fundraisers
  4. Overcoming Prosperity Charlatans
  5. Choosing Who You Lose
  6. The New Testament Stewardship Plan
  7. Is Money Spiritual? (i.e. who is in charge of the church?)
  8. Financial Management Integrity (share information, be accountable, have others involved in counting offerings, making deposits
  9. Stewardship is Lordship
  10. Conducting a Capital Stewardship Campaign