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Church planting is the tip of God’s spear in advancing His Kingdom; it is His chosen means! This vital advancement cannot happen without a church planter. You are important! We believe in you! Being approved for Christmas for Christ funding is evidence that your District also believes in you. Equipping you for your critical role is the most important task we do at North American Missions. Training and learning are vital to your success. The following ten lessons were chosen to guide you through different stages and roles necessary to fulfill your commission. These are not intended to be an end-all but just a beginning. Consistently apply yourself to learning. Come to Launch. Reach out to us. Find an experienced mentor. Together, we work for the strategic advancement of His Kingdom!


These courses are designed to be taken in sequence. Print and read the handout prior to viewing the lecture video (handout link is just above the lecture video). Below each lecture video is a link to a short quiz. The quiz link will not open until the video lecture(s) is fully viewed. The quiz displays one question/problem at a time. Upon providing your answer, select “Next” to open the next question. Once all questions are answered, select “Finish Quiz.” Your score will automatically display. If you score 100%, then select “Click Here to Continue (green box).” You will be advanced to the next lecture page. If your score is not 100%, you will be given two options: “Restart Quiz” or “View Questions.” Viewing questions allows you to see which questions you got right and wrong. Wrong answers also display what selection is correct with a green line around them. Retake the quiz. When all questions are answered correctly, select “Click Here to Continue” to the next video.

Thank you for being a North American Missionary!


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