Historical Books

Course Description:

Chris Paris uses his expertise in biblical Hebrew to expand our understanding of various Hebrew words. In addition, he exegetes key passages of the text and provides fresh ideas on how to preach selected passages of Scripture from the Historical Books.

Handbook of Historic BooksText Book Description: Handbook of Historical Books by Chris Paris

Chris Paris examines the twelve books we often group together as the Historical Books. This section of the Bible contains many of the iconic stories we learned as children, therefore, it is easy for us to see these books as an anthology of our favorite Bible stories. And in doing so we miss the broader truths these books reveal to us. Instead, the author’s general approach is to stand back from the text so he can look at the overarching themes that run through these books. From this viewpoint, the key movements in the ongoing salvation-history of God’s covenant people become more obvious. (From the Editor’s Preface)



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