How to Talk to Our Kids about Holiness with Lee Ann Alexander

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We often hear the Scripture verse quoted, “Be ye holy; for I am holy” (I Peter 1:16). As we strive for holiness, we are surrounded with questions on topics like modesty, media, and gender distinction. We can wonder: how do we navigate these? And what’s more, how do we teach our kids?

In this installment of Ministry Central Masterclass, Lee Ann Alexander and special guests, Stacy and Tim Gaddy, along with Kaleb and Ellerie Saucer, will give us tools to guide conversations and explore how the home should become the primary environment where holiness is taught to our children. Using her latest book, Because I Belong to Jesus, she discusses what it means to walk in relationship with God, and consequently to pursue holiness, and how parents, teachers, and guardians can build on that framework.