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Course Description:
Our understanding of the Bible is the foundation for everything we believe and practice. The principles and methods of scriptural interpretation that we choose, consciously or unconsciously, will significantly influence what we believe. Therefore, it is important for us to examine how we interpret the Bible and to justify the means that we employ.

This course affirms that the Bible is completely true and that God expects us to believe it and apply it to our lives today. Since we accept the authority of Scripture, we should base our principles of interpretation on Scripture. We start with an understanding that the Bible is God’s Word, based on internal and external evidence. With this foundation, we look to the Bible itself for guidance as to how God expects us to understand it.

Understanding God's Word coverText Book Description: Understanding God’s Word by David K. Bernard

Understanding God’s Word discusses the interpretation of Scripture, addressing questions such as the following: How can we interpret the Bible properly? Is there a distinctive Apostolic Pentecostal approach to reading Scripture? How should the Bible be used in preaching, teaching, and personal study? How do we apply the Bible’s message to our lives?