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Course Description:
In this course, Eugene Wilson teaches with passion for the subject of Leadership and provides valuable instruction for church leaders. The answer is a realignment of the leader in how he views his own success, how he goes about empowering others, and how he postures the church for change and involvement. Wilson has extensively surveyed the wide scope of leadership philosophies and literature from the religious and secular fields, and woven them seamlessly with scriptural principles so we can be the beneficiaries of his convicting insights. I recommend Realign to leaders everywhere. — Raymond Woodward (from the Forward of Realign

Realign coverText Book Description: Realign by Dr. Eugene T, Wilson

Realign redefines success of church leaders as the degree to which we help others become what God wants them to be rather than by the size of the crowd. It calls church leaders to realign with purpose, namely, equipping others for their work of ministry. It is not about a model as much as it is about principles—principles that are both timeless and universal. It deals with the following concepts:

• Traits of an equipping leader • The stages of life cycle of a church • How people change and what you can do to help them keep it • Your expectations for followers • How church structures enhance or inhibit growth • How maintaining a safe place increases involvement