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Jerry Jones, the author and instructor of this course, wrote in the Foreword of We Preach, ” I learned to preach by preaching… I did not always understand the whys for things that I just knew to be so. Rhythm, cadence, and gauging the emotional impact of sermon points in order to find the most effective way of presenting them, along with a hundred other important things, were all more intuition than training. It was the theory I was lacking.

Then I began to be asked to teach sessions on preaching to aspiring preachers. For five years I taught a semester-long class on preaching at Gateway College of Evangelism. I discovered that people weren’t really content to know that something is true just because I said it was. While they respected my experience, they wanted to know why it was so. I began to think about the mechanics of preaching. I wanted to discover why some things work and some don’t. I also began researching what other preachers had to say about this calling and craft.”

We PreachText Book Description: We Preach by Jerry Jones

This book sets out to answer some fundamental questions regarding Apostolic preaching: What is preaching? Why do we preach? Is our preaching biblical? Is it still relevant today? Jerry Jones lays the theological groundwork for the basis of preaching, presents the case for the priority of preaching, and demonstrates the fundamental necessity of preaching in the church. Drawing from the extensive experience of a lifetime of preaching the gospel, the author distills the key elements of preaching into a book that preachers young and old will have a hard time putting down.