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Course Description:
Chris Paris uses his expertise in biblical Hebrew to expand our understanding of various Hebrew words. In addition, he exegetes key passages of the text and provides fresh ideas on how to preach selected passages of Scripture from the Pentateuch.




Handbook of the Pentateuch coverTextbook Description: Handbook of the Pentateuch by Chris Paris

“While leading the reader down the familiar paths of these well-known books, Chris Paris invites us to consider a number of literary techniques, such as type scenes, employed by the author of the Pentateuch. Becoming aware of these techniques produces a fresh reading of the text—one that often leads to those “aha” moments that deepen our appreciation for the God behind the text. In addition, Paris insists that behind the complex and sometimes confusing laws outlined in this section of Scripture lies a gracious faith built on the twin principles of loving God and loving neighbor” (from the Editor’s Preface)


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