The New Birth

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David K. Bernard
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The New Birth attempts to present biblical truth in an understandable yet scholarly way, not from the viewpoint of denominational dogma but from the viewpoint of what the Bible itself says. Numerous biblical references have been included so the student can search these things out and come to his or her own conclusions. If the student approaches this subject with a prayerful, sincere, truth-seeking, studious attitude (rather than with a prejudiced or even a gullible mind), God will illuminate the truth of His Word as it relates to salvation.

The New Birth coverTextbook Description: The New Birth by David K. Bernard

This book encourages all to receive the fullness of salvation that God has provided in Jesus Christ. The author presents biblical truth in an understandable yet scholarly way.

Topics included: • Grace and Faith • The Gospel of Jesus Christ • Birth of Water and Spirit • Repentance
• Water Baptism • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit • Are There Exceptions?


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