Launch Your Ministry Courses

launch your ministry

Launch Your Ministry (LYM) is a collection of FREE courses that will help you position your life for the call. These courses focus on your personal and spiritual growth enabling you to step into His will with confidence.

  • LYM was designed to help men and women position themselves to receive a call to ministry.
  • LYM is an effort to lead and inspire men and women into ministry, and to give their leaders tools to effectively train them via web based training materials.
  • LYM strives to open doors for men and women, moving them into active ministry by removing barriers to start churches, daughter works, evangelists, missionaries and preaching points
  • Currently LYM consists of 55 videos on various subjects related to ministry and the call of God. Each video is 15-20 minutes in length.
  • Students must enroll in each topic/course separately and can print a certificate of completion after completing each LYM course.
  • Because LYM is considered a ministry there is no cost to enroll.
  • Launch Your Ministry

    LYM Apostolic Doctrine

    Lessons included in the Apostolic Doctrine course: Apostolic Passion – Bruce Howell The Gifts of the Spirit – David Elms Importance of …

  • Launch Your Ministry

    Educational Growth

    Lessons included in the Educational Growth course: How Much and What Kind? – Brent Coltharp Guarding Your Mind – Ken Colegrove Practice …

  • Launch Your Ministry


    Lessons included in the Evangelism course: Arise Now: Urgency of the Hour – Nathan Scoggins Inviting People to Church – Tyler Walea …

  • Launch Your Ministry


    Lessons included in the Leadership course: Becoming the “Go-To” Person in Church – Luke Levine The Five Fold Ministry – Scott Graham …

  • Launch Your Ministry

    Ministerial Development Level 1

    Lessons included in the Ministerial Development Level 1 course by David K. Bernard: The Minister’s Calling The Minister’s Family Relationships The Minister’s …

  • Launch Your Ministry

    Pastoral Respect

    Lessons included in the Pastoral Respect course: Faithfullness in All Areas – Matthew Martin Learn and Practice Loyalty – Nathan Scoggins Modeling …

  • Launch Your Ministry


    Lessons included in the Prayer course: Divine Healing – Scotty Slaydon Hospital Visitation and Praying for the Sick – Nathan Scoggins The …

  • Launch Your Ministry

    Spiritual Growth

    Lessons included in the Spiritual Growth course: Addressing Personal Weaknesses – David Elms Character Matters – Ken Gurley Choosing A Mate – Ken Gurley Find …

  • Launch Your Ministry

    Teaching Home Bible Studies

    Lessons included in the Teaching Home Bible Studies course: Teaching Home Bible Studies 1 – Jay Stirnemann Teaching Home Bible Studies 2 …

  • Launch Your Ministry

    Your Ministry

    Lessons included in the Your Ministry course: Dare to Dream – Jack Cunningham Developing Confidence in God’s Work – Matthew Martin Finding …