UPCI Youth Ministries

Youth ministry plays a crucial role in the life of the local church, shaping the faith, and future of young people. The purpose of the UPCI Youth Ministries is to Educate and Engage, with a mission to serve the local churches of the United Pentecostal Church International. On this webpage, you’ll find a collection of training courses designed for those interested or involved in youth ministry. Learn from experienced youth pastors and veteran youth workers as they share their passion and practical insights for effectively reaching and discipling young people.

To learn more about UPCI Youth Ministries, please follow this link: UPCI YOUTH MINISTRIES. By visiting the site, you can expect to find detailed information about our programs, events, resources, and ways to get involved in educating and engaging youth in your local church community.

Youth Workers Training Certification

Welcome to an exciting new course offered by UPCI Youth Ministries here on Ministry Central. This certification program is designed to equip youth workers with practical tools to enhance the effectiveness of youth ministry at the local church level. Enroll today and become a Certified Youth Worker with UPCI Youth Ministries.

  • DJ Hill
  • Gavin Cole
  • Jeremy Stafford
  • Kyle Thayer
  • Nate Smith
  • Aaron Soto
  • David K. Bernard

Hyphen Training

This free course is designed to train and equip Hyphen Ministry Leaders to effectively launch, grow, and support their hyphen groups.

  • DJ Hill
  • Travis Worthington
  • Seneatha Carpenter
  • Amado Huizar
  • Amber Huizar
  • David K. Bernard