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After completing level one training and passing the final test, you may then apply for chaplain endorsement. Chaplain endorsement is not guaranteed by the training alone; you must meet the following qualifications.

OCA always works through the pastor. If you are not the pastor of the assembly where you attend, a signed pastoral approval form is required. OCA allows laity to become chaplains with their pastor's approval.
You must fill out an application and be approved.
As with all professional associations, there is a fee for the application and yearly dues. The fee of $175.00 covers the application fee and the first year's dues.
Renewal Dues
Each year you will need to renew your endorsement. Yearly renewal dues are $85.00.

As a professional chaplain association, our endorsed chaplains are expected to continue their education on an ongoing basis. This is accomplished through what is called CEUs (Continuing Educational Units). This can be anything field related. OCA accepts many forms of CEUs, such as hospital or police chaplain training.

All chaplains renewing must have a plan to continue their training in the chaplain field. Each year non-pastoring renewals have to have a pastoral permission form signed.

Earning Rank
You will enter the association as an entry level chaplain unless you have verifiable advance training or chaplain experience.
By taking OCA's level two training, you can advance to the next level.

Thank You!
We would like to commend you on your desire to add the tools of chaplaincy to your ministry, presenting the gospel in a caring and compassionate manner.

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