Credentialing courses are designed to aid the ministerial candidate in obtaining credentials with their church, district or organization.

To obtain the certificate of completion for this training course, the student must watch the 36 videos in their entirety.  

Apostolic Doctrine

Apostolic Passion

Bruce Howell


Apostolic Practices

Ken Gurley


Doctrine of God

David Norris

Doctrine of Jesus Christ

David K Bernard


Doctrine of Salvation

Dan Seagraves

Educational Growth

Guarding Your Mind

Ken Colegrove

Practice Encouraging Speech

Robert Stroup

Practice Self-Discipline

J. Mark Jordon


The Power of a Positive Attitude

Steven Wileford


Inviting People to Church

Tyler Walea

Sharing Your Testimony

Ken Gurley

Winning Unsaved Loved Ones

Nathan Scoggins


Meeting & Exceeding ExpectationsAaron Soto

Qualities of a Successful Leader

Jerry Jones

The Art of Listening 

Stan Gleason

Understand the Leadership Gifts

Robert Stroup



Stan Gleason

First Impressions

Aaron Soto

Ministering to Hurting People

P.D. Buford

Reaching Backsliders

Nathan Reever


The UPCI Vision

David K Bernard

Pastoral Respect

Faithfulness in All Areas

Matthew Martin

Learn and Practice Loyalty

Nathan Scoggins

Modeling What Your Pastor Preaches

Nathan Scoggins

Raising Godly Children

Stan Gleason

Your Pastor, Your Mentor

Jack Cunningham

Personal Life

Learning from Criticism 

Mitchell Bland

Learning the Power of Blessing Others 

Ken Gurley

Overcoming Weaknesses

Aaron Soto

Spiritual Growth

Addressing Personal Weaknesses

David Elms

Character Matters

Ken Gurley

Practice Moral Purity

Ken Gurley

Saying 'Goodbye' to Ungodly Relationships

Mitchell Bland

Withstanding Temptation

Ken Colegrove

Teaching Home Bible Studies

Teaching Home Bible Studies

Jay Stirnemann

Teaching Home Bible Studies

Jay Stirnemann

Team Building

Appreciating Different Personalities

Raymond Woodward

Importance of Communication

Bryan Parkey

The issuance of the certificate is not a Christian Ministry License, but a certificate to provide your pastor to show that you have completed the training course.  It is the discretion of the pastor to issue a Christian Ministry License to a member of the congregation.

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